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Georgetown Foodland

13133324_971415652965874_7203633084858835230_nWebsite geared towards supporting and promoting Georgetown restaurants and eateries through short stories and photos. Our restaurants work hard to  prepare and serve the finest food in town. Why not showcase all of them for free and help attract locals and tourists alike? Enjoy the sights, friend... The tastes are beautiful! Here's what the owner of the website says:

In 2013, I began to think about what would separate Georgetown, South Carolina, and its restaurants apart from other counties in the state. More importantly, I thought about the image represented to other states. As a tourist, you view hotels before you book. You view scenic locations before you plan. Why not view dishes and eateries before you eat? And why not have a website dedicated to just that?

I created a Facebook page in November that year and the idea has blossomed into a powerful reality. Owners are constantly focusing on staff, schedules, deliveries, layouts, menus, specials and making a profit. That's why I hardly see any positive advertisement outside of Facebook.

Until now.

I am a passionate person. I raise my family with faith and morals. I think it's refreshing to have a person donate talent and effort and begin an endeavor that not only supports the ones intended, but supports the town they do business in, too. I support Georgetown. This is my effort in doing so.



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