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Litchfield Beach Fish House

We tried but could not think of a better way to tell you about the Litchfield Beach Fish House than to reprint this article written by Mary KcKellar Purvis, a student at Carolina Forest High School.

Parents your kids’ sharp eyes will discover this restaurant before you, with the fascinating shark coming out of the roof. How often do you see that! Right when they hop out of the car your kids will run from you toward the pirate ship playground located to the left of the restaurant. This an awesome playground that is great for kids to play on while waiting to be seated. They might also want to jump into the back of the signature blue truck which stays out in front of the restaurant.

Reservations are recommended when you are planning to dine at the Fish House, however not required. If you are planning visiting either on Friday or Saturday night arrive a little before your reservation time. What a unique experience the whole family will enjoy.

  • 843-237-3949
  • 13060 Ocean Highway, Litchfield Beach, South Carolina 29585