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Treat Your Sweetheart to a Hammock

Treat Your Sweetheart to a Hammock

Buy it on Your Hammock Coast Getaway!

By Kimberly Duncan

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, and that makes timing perfect for upping your romantic game with a long beach weekend on SC’s Hammock Coast. If you’re not familiar with this piece of paradise, it’s located on the south end of the Grand Strand, midway between the glitz of Myrtle Beach and the elegance of Charleston, SC. History, natural attractions, shopping, golf and great food abound.

Even if the weather’s brisk, it will be difficult to do everything you want. (Christmas found folks barefoot on the beach!) Trust the buzz, a cool weather getaway to the south end of SC’s Grand Strand will sweep your better half off her – or his – unsuspecting feet. Pick and choose from a wealth of options to fashion the most personal, most memorable getaway ever.

If you’re foodies, The Hammock Coast is a slice of Carolina Lowcountry you will remember as “Paradise Found.” From Murrells Inlet, the Seafood Capital of SC, to the historic port city of Georgetown, dozens upon dozens of restaurants run the gamut from predictable and beloved fresh seafood joints straight to elegant eateries with linen tablecloths and candlelight. Check out MurrellsInletSC.com, HammockCoastSC.com and SeaportGeorgetown.com for a list of choices certain to earn a stolen kisses.

History buffs should buckle up for a wild ride. There are more than a fistful of museums, old plantations with preserved homes open for visiting, historic tours on boats and buses, splendid old churches and gardens steeped in the shade of live oaks older than this nation! A number of these historic gems are perfect for picnics – a quintessential romantic pastime.

If you love nature, you need do little more than look around. Beaches are long and lovely – and blissfully uncrowded this time of year. There’s an award-winning Bike Path from Murrells Inlet through Pawleys Island. There are deep-sea fishing opportunities and several state parks with maritime forest trails, bird watching tours and lots of additional programming. Five rivers and countless creeks provide opportunities for kayaking tours and fly fishing trips.

The Murrells Inlet Marshwalk weaves in and around expansive salt marshes that characterize the Inlet’s storied seafood village. In Georgetown, the Harborwalk meanders along the Sampit River’s edge. There are several marinas, numerous boat ramps and wildlife observation areas.

We’d be remiss not mentioning that at least twelve of America’s most lauded courses are located on the Waccamaw Neck –the Hammock Coast stretch of the Grand Strand – including three of “America’s 100 Greatest Public Courses,” seven ranked 4.5 stars in Golf Digest’s list of “Best Places to Play in America,” one classed in the “Top 25 in America” by Golf for Women, and one of only three five-star courses in the Southeast. Check out WaccamawGolfTrail.com for a list of alternatives.


Skip the predictable chocolates and woo your Valentine with a sweet and sexy adventure. Ditch the chilly winter temperatures of the north for the moderate temps of the seaside paradise known as The Hammock Coast. If you love the ocean, shopping, golfing, hiking, biking, fishing, eating, or any combination thereof, this is a place you’ll return to again and again. Love is all around! There’s no time to waste! Check out the Hammock Coast to kick-start your romance.



Celebrate National Hammock Day!

Visit The Hammock Shops and Celebrate National Hammock Day
By Kimberly Duncan

Thousands of years ago, hammocks were created to get slumbering souls off the ground away from creepy-crawlies. Today, it’s the ultimate symbol of relaxation, and none is better known than the famous Pawleys Island Hammock – a hammock whose unique design has remained the same for well more than a century. It’s a hammock so strong and comfortable its handmade design has endured — unchanged and unchallenged.

Pawleys Island Rope Hammock

The first Pawleys Island Hammock was constructed sometime in the late 1800s when John Joshua Ward, a riverboat captain with deep roots on The Hammock Coast, grew frustrated by the lumpy straw mattresses used on the river barges he steered up and down the Waccamaw River (a busy stretch of the Intracoastal Waterway) to and from Charleston. In his effort to score a comfortable night’s rest, he toyed with alternatives.

First, Capt. Josh tried a canvas creation, but it was nearly as hot and uncomfortable as the prickly straw. He tried knotted string, but the necessary knots made it equally uncomfortable. After considerable trial and error, a hammock of soft cotton rope evolved. It was expertly woven, not knotted, and its comfortable width was held open by a curved “spreader bar.” That bar lent a cradle-like curve and kept the soft material from collapsing onto itself. The novel design also allowed air to circulate making the hammock a relatively cool place to rest – even during the South Carolina coast’s sultry summers.

062-Case-HamkCoastThat’s the story of the original Pawleys Island Hammock – the hammock that endures as centerpiece to a couple of dozen exceptional shops and dining venues in Pawleys Island. The much-lauded development, beautifully landscaped and brimming with history, is aptly known far and wide as The Hammock Shops. And they’re all set to celebrate National Hammock Day on July 22. There will be hammock weaving demonstrations and other fun stuff still taking shape. Porch rockers and the famous hammocks, ubiquitous throughout Pawleys Island and the Lowcountry, beckon one and all to linger and make memories of the Best. Vacation. Ever.


Visitors will find a bit of everything from Southern collectibles, fashionable clothing and shoes, locally designed jewelry, original art, fine wine from ‘round the globe, snazzy pet supplies, home accessories – and frankly a lot more than there is room to detail. Onsite eateries serve awesome sandwiches (some on huge, homemade biscuits), chef-inspired cuisine, newsworthy milkshake, more than one fine outdoor bar and the opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of a juicy all-American hot dog or ice cream cone savored on a shady bench beneath age-old oaks.

The Hammock Shops Village delivers shopping and dining that’s a lot less mall and a lot more magic. Located on Highway 17 in Pawleys Island, it is open daily, seven days a week. Don’t miss the opportunity for a memorable day of shopping, dining and relaxing in the heart of SC’s Lowcountry. And by the way, hammocks make great gifts! Never met a soul who doesn’t want one!